Friday, 6 May 2016

Podcast: Cosmopolitanism

Nick, Peter and Fraser discuss what cosmopolitanism is, and how it affects our beliefs about the world. To subscribe to the podcast, add this RSS feed to your preferred player.

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Anonymous said...

100% concur with the views espoused in this debate. For me, the 'cosmopolitanism' of our mindsets is the first layer of 'multidisciplinarity' that we at the individual level can meaningfully grasp. The example Nick Hare gave of his grandfather's mental model of how food should be presented is one that so many of us will be able to resonate with. What fascinates me the most is the domino effect of the 'cosmopolitan' mindset'; once you accept one aspect of it, the trajectory is set and you can not help but continue to open up to the magnitude of life's offerings. The hard value of this is obvious to me as once an organisation or entity embraces 'cosmopolitanism' in one aspect of its decision making, innovation and creativity will flow at a greater pace and filter through to all aspects of decision making and problem solving.

(EnvelopePush/Shobana Patel)